MBT Kisumu Classic Black Womens Sandals

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The MBT Kisumu, a longstanding favourite, excels in stability, comfort, and functionality, thanks to its three-strap design. This sandal is not only quirky and stylish but also provides exceptional cushioning for all-day comfort. Featuring SERDIA™ treatment for odour absorption, the Kisumu ensures your feet remain fresh. Its patented rocker sole, integrated with SensorTechnology™ and PivotAxis, absorbs shock effectively and promotes a natural forward rolling motion, enhancing walking efficiency and providing the renowned MBT benefits. Additionally, it boasts the APMA Seal of Acceptance, underscoring its commitment to foot health.


  • Three-strap design for unbeatable stability and fit.
  • SERDIA™ odour absorption for fresh feet.
  • Patented rocker sole with SensorTechnology™ and PivotAxis for enhanced gait efficiency.
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance for foot health endorsement.

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